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Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend! Today on the blog I’m sharing my newest found love, Philosophy one-step facial cleanser. If you’re like me and don’t like to use multiple steps in getting your face cleansed, this facial cleanser will change your life!

purity cleanser

Philosophy One-Step Facial Cleanser & What’s Unique About It

Philosophy stands for ‘beauty begins within’. I love this statement because it’s oh so true and we sometimes forget that with all the superficial things we seek out on social media daily. The brand is all about allowing women to feel, live and look their best. Their products enhance the health and beauty of the skin through various multi-skincare formulas and feel-good aromas (Which I have to agree with because the facial cleanser is super refreshing).

Philosophy achieves to celebrate beautiful skin through the multiple formulas in each bottle along with inspirational words to uplift the spirit of the user. Words such as hope, purity, time, and grace are all incorporated into the product names which I think is stimulating as a girl. Who wants to be motivated every morning and night during your cleansing routine?

I’ve always been prone to using the same face wash, so I figured I would try something different out to see what else is out there. Philosophy’s One-Step Facial Cleanser fits perfectly within the budget and should last you a good 6-8 months or even longer depending on how often you’re using it.

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What I love about the cleanser

Not only does this cleanser brighten your spirits when you use it, it also deep cleans your pores and eliminates makeup buildup. This fragrance-free formula will leave your face feeling squeaky clean and conditioned after every wash. Purity is also great because:

  • It’s super lightweight
  • Smells amazing
  • You only have to use about a pea size every wash (it spreads and suds like crazy)
  • It’s budget friendly
  • It removes all makeup and doesn’t burn the eyes

When you’re washing your face with the cleanser you’ll want to make sure to massage it into your skin for about 30-60 seconds. Once you’ve rinsed it off, you will gently pat your face dry. Add a moisturizer and you’re done!

It pairs nicely with the lightweight, Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer, that works as a refreshing and refining moisturizer. It’s great for super dry skin during the cold seasons! If you’re wanting to test out both, you can purchase the starter kit below of both the Purity cleanser and moisturizer for under $50.

starter kit

What facial cleanser do you use and why? 

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