I’m backkkkkk! After a long 4 month hiatus, I’m finally stepping back into the blogging world. I’m going to have the same focus per usual: style and fitness, but I’m throwing in a little bit our new life in Minneapolis, MN.

These past couple of months have been crazy busy! All within a 3 week window of packing up our things and moving to Minneapolis was just the least of it. We had to find an apartment, Greg bought a new car, and I started a new job. Whew! All with Dierks holding his bladder and bowels for a good 48 hours after moving here…….so that was fun — LOL. On top of moving here in the beginning of March, it was 80 degrees when we moved from Oklahoma. After driving through the night for 10 some hours, the degrees kept dropping where it finally stopped at 10 degrees the morning of move in.

The first five days were REALLY fun because all we had were some clothing options, an air mattress and our tooth brushes. It doesn’t sound so bad, but after a week of sleeping on an air mattress and waking up to a half deflated bed and both of us in the middle of it was quite hysterical.

With it being just 10 degrees, we had our first snowfall of 5 inches in our new city the next day. This is practically a dusting up here — FYI my fellow Oklahomans. To say the least, I was super happy to see snow again because we never got snow when we lived in Oklahoma. Dierks was also very excited to see snow again.


After a couple of weeks living in our city warehouse apartment, we made some great neighbors (which we are so fortunate to have). All of our dogs don’t hate having doggy neighbors too! The hallway and weekend outings to the dog park are always fun.

We’re looking forward to trying out new places this summer since mostly everything is walkable or a short Uber away! I’m super excited to be back to the blogging world where I can just pour my heart out in one place while talking about what I love most.

Thanks for the love!


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