corepower yoga

Sometimes you need yoga. Sometimes you need a beer. Sometimes you need both.

Today on the blog, I’m talking about my first experience at CorePower Yoga. CorePower Yoga has over 170 locations nationwide that offers a yoga fitness experience like no other. Their motto is intensity for the body, presence for the mind (which I experienced yesterday—#sundayfunday).

My first thoughts when walking into the studio were nothing but positive. The concept and layout of the studio was very welcoming and so were the instructors. The yoga studio offers nine fitness classes that range in challenge, flow and style that fits every individual’s experience levels. Each class is designed to build strength, ignite your intention, and work your core. Sounds great, right?!

Since it was my first experience at CPY, I decided to kick it off with a C1 class. This is the most basic yoga class they offer. Even though I’ve practiced yoga before, I wanted to start off with the easiest class in order to ease into the flow and poses.

corepower yoga corepower yoga corepower yogayoga studio

CorePower Yoga 1 is a full body flow where it teaches you the basic postures and fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. During the 1-hour class, we went through a Vinyasa flow that included core movements a.k.a abs. I know abs can be a love hate relationship, but this portion only took up five minutes or so of class. It was the perfect break between Vinyasa. Vinyasa put simple is a movement between yoga poses that accompanies regulated breathing. With the inspiring music playing in the background, your body and mind are able to focus on every muscle, movement and breath at a moderate pace. That’s the KEY to a good yoga class. Breathing keeps your mind concentrated on your body movements and your dedication towards the class.

Between the flow of planks, upward/ downward dogs, warrior poses and tree pose, you have to keep your breathing rhythm and core engaged the entire time. Most people think of yoga being an easy practice, when it’s really a gradual learning process of your body. As for future CPY classes, I’m really excited to get back there and continue my yoga journey in between my love for running and cycling.


Visit: CorePower Yoga to find a location near you! // Sponsored post.