girl with winter clothing

Happy Friday!! Today marks our last Friday as Oklahoma residents. We’re super bummed to be moving when the weather has been in the 70s, but it’s time for some actual winter weather as we venture to Minneapolis! This time next week we will be moving into our new home of Minneapolis and we couldn’t be more excited! Living in a new place is awesome because you get to see different parts of the country that you would probably never imagine yourself living. When we first moved to Oklahoma, it was definitely a major change from living in PA but at the same time a pleasant surprise. Although we’ll be leaving some great friends behind, we’re ecstatic to live somewhere new and especially in a big city! Since we have lived in the mountains of West Virginia and Pennsylvania for most of our lives, I wanted to share the top 5 essentials when moving north.

1.Comfy + Puffy Down Coat. Moving north can bring on nasty winter storms and you’ll want to be prepared with a nice down coat. I prefer one that covers your butt  and some of your legs!


2. Reliable Boots. When the temperature reaches a high of 1 degree, you’re definitely going to want a nice pair of boots. Trying to find ones that are insulated, waterproof and are comfortable will allow you to stroll the cold streets of the north!


3. Head WarmthOne thing I wasn’t able to wear often living in Oklahoma were my beanies. Beanies come in all shades and patterns, but my go-to is a nice solid color with a cute pom pom on top!

4. Stylish Backpack. Having the perfect bag to sport around your new city should be comfortable and not unbalanced on your shoulder, so that’s why I’ve decided to invest in a chic backpack.


5. Long Johns. Everyone keeps telling me that we should invest in a good pair or two of Long Johns. As I’m looking at the weather forecast, they’re probably right!



I hope everyone has a great Friday and a sun filled weekend!