So, the day has come. We finally caved in and got a puppy! Are we crazy? Maybe just a little because of the circumstances, but when is it actually the right time to get a pup?

A couple weeks ago we attended Woofstock at Jenks Riverside. Woofstock is a national organization that brings together animal rescues and shelters with hundreds of puppies and adult dogs up for adoption. It was a hot Saturday, but we walked around for a couple hours (taking a lunch break for Mexican- only natural). After a few laps, we applied for a black lab and beagle mix. But, we weren’t quick enough to seal the deal and someone had adopted, Bonnie (which we were sad but totally excited that she had found a forever home).

We chatted with a couple organizations at the event, and landed at Skiatook Paws and Claws. At this point of the day, the dogs were worn out and sleepy from the sun and everyone wanting to pet them. We left without a dog.

I felt empty and needed to know what we could do in order to adopt one that was the right fit. So, naturally I hopped onto Facebook and searched for Skiatook Paws and Claws from the business card that I had collected earlier that day. There were two puppies, Clark and Lex, that were still up for adoption. Since they both were sleeping when we visited their booth, I decided to put in an application for Lex. We loved how he looked and the size of his ears were to die for!

Once I submitted the application, I heard back from the organization that all we had to do was get Tilly (our cat) updated on her shots. The next day I received a call from the foster family. She wanted to talk about Lex and our application. I called her back the next day and we chatted about how he was as a puppy and what was needed to proceed with the adoption process.

A couple days later we took Tilly down the street to get her shots. That following Sunday we made our way to their home to see Lex and what he was all about in full action. We arrived to their home and was greeted in the backyard by a couple puppies. One being Lex along with his brother Clark and a cute Kimber Kheer mix named Marlin.

We were so overwhelmed with the cuteness and playfulness we didn’t know what to do! After being at the foster family’s home for an hour, we had a tough decision to make. I looked at Greg and we both said we wanted to adopt Clark. I asked Christie- the foster mom- if this was normal. She told us that it happens and she’s just happy that we wanted to adopt Clark.

We felt a little bad that we went for Lex, but ended up with his brother Clark. Clark was smaller, a bit calmer (for a puppy) and seemed like the perfect fit for our little family and apartment.

On the car ride home, we had a couple names in mind. We decided on Dierks (like Dierks Bentley). We’re huge country music fans and it fit his personality perfectly.

He’s now been at home with us for a week and we couldn’t be happier with him! Remember to adopt and not shop people.